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Feeding our horses.

Feeding our horses requires a balanced diet that provides them with the necessary nutrients to maintain their health and energy levels. The specific diet and feeding regimen may vary based on the individual horse’s age, size, and workload, as well as the climate and environment in which they live and work.

In general, our horses have access to fresh, clean water at all times, as well as high-quality hay or pasture grass depending on the time of the year. They also require additional sources of energy and protein, which we provided through grain and concentrate feeds such as oats, corn, soybean meal, salt, and addition minerals.

Every day we feed a grain mixture to all of our horses. Horses that are working receive two feedings of grain, one in the morning and one after working in the evening. This has worked for us and helps prevent digestive issues and ensure they have a steady supply of energy. The amount of feeding depends on the horse’s individual needs and workload, but a general rule of thumb is to provide 1-2% of the horse’s body weight in total feed per day, split into smaller meals.

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