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Springtime on the horse farm.

The question often comes up; What do our horses do when they are not working? Besides sleeping, eating and socially interacting with each other they are genuinely interested in what is happening around the farm. When we are filling the hay feeders they are watching. If we are using our farm equipment they are looking intensely to see what we are doing. Our horses are incredibly curious, or nosy, I’m not sure which. The one activity that both young and old participate in is horseplay, yes it’s a thing. The young horses maybe participate a lot more then the older ones but rest assured, all of our horses partake in this activity.

Spring time starts the process of hair shedding, removing that winter coat and replacing it with the latest style of spring and summer fashion. We hope you follow along and see how our horses transform from winter to summer attire and explore their favorite summer spots to hang out and relax.

One last note, every day on our farm we do essentially the same activities, we clean the barns, sometimes extensively, most days just like making your bed, throwing your sheets up and fluffing your pillows. We feed and water and look at the overall condition of each horse. We check inventories of hay, feed and bedding, check fencing and do farm maintenance. It’s so routine that we don’t really talk or think about it but hopefully we can share a bit of this type of farm activity as well. Keep the questions coming and we will do our best to answer them. Until next time…..

Cassidy, Katie, Carissa, Mr. French and Pete enjoying an afternoon snack in the warm spring sunlight.
What a fantastic spring day For the horses.
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